Discovered Attacks and
Discovered Checks

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A discovered attack occurs when a piece moves and in doing so it uncovers an attack on an enemy piece.

Look at the following diagrams:

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The white king moves to d2 uncovering an attack by the queen.

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In the following diagram, White is able to win the black queen. Can you see how?

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Yes, 16.Bxh7+. The new position is shown in the diagram below.

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After 16...Kxh7 White plays 17.Qxd4 and the black queen is lost!

If a discovered attack gives check to the enemy King it is known as a discovered check. This form of attack can be especially dangerous.

In the diagram below Black is able to use a discovered check to win the white queen. Can you see how?

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The black pawn moves to d4 attacking the white queen and allowing the bishop to  check the king. White can only deal with one of these threats at a time and, because of the priority of check (if the king is in check it must be made safe immediately), she must lose her queen.

Can you see how White can make good use of a discovered attack in the following diagram?

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