Checkmating with Queen and Rook

image2.gif (11183 bytes)

This is the position you should be aiming for to checkmate the enemy King with a Queen and Rook:

The Queen (or it could be the Rook) confines the King to the edge of the board and the Rook (or Queen) delivers checkmate.

What about if the King is in the centre of the board as in the following diagram? How does one checkmate it then?

The King must be driven to the edge of the board in the following fashion:

1. ...Kd6 2. Rb6+
2. ...Kc7 3. Qa7+
3. ...Kc8 4. Rb8#

This technique is very important and you should set up various positions with the Black King and White Queen and Rook and practise checkmating with a friend or a chess computer until you are sure of it.





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