Opening Repertoire

A shared community solid opening repertoire is the goal with these technical articles.

Opening Systems

An evolving community d4 opening repertoire for White

startpos.gif (6526 bytes) a system against the Nimzo Indian defence
saemich.gif (1732 bytes) a system against the Kings Indian Defence
benko.gif (1730 bytes) a system against the Benko Gambit
qgexch.gif (3326 bytes) a system against the Queens Gambit Declined
gruen.jpg (10230 bytes) A system against the Gruenfeld defence

An evolving sicilian defence sveshnikov focus repertoire for black against 1.e4

svesh.gif (1692 bytes) the Sveshnikov Sicilian
c3sic.gif (1703 bytes) a system against the c3 Sicilian which generally bores the player with the black pieces to death.

An evolving Kings Indian Defence repertoire for black against 1.d4

startpos.gif (6534 bytes) A system against the four pawns attack

Disclaimer- Papers must be taken in the context of the particular author's chess strength! The author's take no responsibility for any horrible losses as a result of following concepts/ variations presented in these papers.

Further Reading

Nunn's Chess Openings
John Nunn, et al / Paperback / Published 1999
A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire
Aaron Summerscale, Kate Summerscale / Paperback / Published 1999
An Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player (Cadogan Chess Books)
Eduard Gufeld, Ken Neat (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1996
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