Kings Indian Defence

The Kings Indian Defence against d4 with a focus on the Four Pawns Attack.


This opening paper focuses on the Kings indian defence system against the 4 pawns attack. The Four pawns attack is a violent attempt by White to steam-roller black. Indeed it was even considered a refutation of the Kings Indian Defence in the 1920's until effective methods were discovered for black to handle this agressive pawn front.

The system recommended in this paper is 6..c5 which aims to undermine the White centre.

1st evolution of this paper: 24th May 1998


Starting Position

A 7 Be2
B 7 d5
C 7 dxc5

Conclusions and Further Reading

Starting Position

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The system

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With this move, Black strikes a blow at the White centre from the flank, offering to exchange the c pawn for White's central d pawn. At the same time, the scope of the fianchettoed bishop is potentially increased.

The three main candidate moves this White paper considers here are

A 7.Be2
B 7.d5
C 7.dxc5

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