Play Chess Online
*Chess Corner Chess Server - Play correspondence type chess online! Full range of features including individual, tournament and team games.
* - Play correspondence type chess
Internet Chess Club - The biggest chess server on the internet. Unrated games can be played here but there is a charge if you wish to play rated games and participate fully in tournaments etc.

British Chess Clubs
Barnet Chess Clubs - This site is full of interesting information for chess players everywhere.
Chess Corners British Chess Club Section - Details of Chess Clubs and homepages in Britain.
UK Web Chess Guide - The biggest collection of links to websites in the UK.

Personal Homepages
Link/Description - Are you a chess geek? Download their chess screen saver and pgn viewer
Natalia Pogonina - The official site of WGM Natalia Pogonina.
Pawn Pusher - A humourous look at the chess world!
The Chess Addict - Homepage of Mike Fox and Richard James co-authors of The (Even More) Complete Chess Addict

Instructional Sites
Chess For Success Tutorial - A good site for Intermediates.
Chess is Fun
Chess Kids Academy - Instructional site for kids.
Chess Problem of the Day - Different levels of difficulties ranging from very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). A solution to the problem will be made available the next day.
Claude Kaber - Tactics training Database in Chessbase format
Duif's Place - An interesting site for tournament players. Includes a directory of chess teachers.
Exeter Chess Club Coaching Page
Stanislav Vokal's Chess Compositions - A collection of great chess compositions.
The Beginner's Chess Page

General Information
Link/Description - Chess directory with categorized links to chess sites, tools, resources and more.
Pitt Ed. Chess Archives - Contains many game collections, demos, graphics etc. to download.
The Chess Cafe Home Page
The Week in Chess Magazine - Mark Crowther reports the latest chess news and games.

Chess Software
Chessbase Website - Keep up to date with the best chess database.
DBSChess - British Correspondence Chess Association and David's recorder program
The Tasc.ChessSystem Home - Find out more about Tascbase, Chess Tutor and Chessica.

Chess Supplies
A Chess Set Luxury Gift Shop
Batsford Chess - One of the biggest publishers of chess books.
Big Chess Set - Giant Chess Sets.
Chess Clock - Analog Wood Chess Clock
Chess Collectables - chess sets, clocks, and boards; new and rare chess books; and chess software. Also chess features for your enjoyment.
London Chess Centre - Home Page of the London Chess and Bridge Centre with online catalogue.
Sammy Seahorse Teaches Chess - A chess book for children - Sells chess tables, chairs and sets
US Chess Federation Online Store - chess sets, videos, books, chess clocks, gifts

News Groups and Mailing Lists
Deja News Chess News Groups - Access the chess news groups using your browser.

4 Player Chess
Board - Links to all sorts of board games.
Casemir Chocolates - Has a chocolate chess set which would make a novel gift for the chess player!
Chess Mail - Correspondence chess news magazine, books and CC database. Interactive game play-through online.
Chess Visualisation Training - Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation.
ChessLab - High-speed Java-based interactive chess board will connect you with the biggest 2 million games chess database for interactive search and analysis.
The Chess Variant Pages - Rules of chess variants such as Shogi (Japanese Chess) etc
The World Chess Championship - Provides an overview of the chess events which have determined past and present World Chess Champions.
Thinks Com - This is a great site for brain game fans. Besides chess it contains information and links for devotees of crosswords, anagrams, trivia, and java games and puzzles.