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I have had to move Chess Corner to a new host because, due to the popularity of the site, I was going over my allocated bandwidth each month and I could not afford to continue to pay for the extra bandwidth the site was using. My new host offers more bandwidth each month and I hope it will be just as reliable as my old host. You may find that some links don't work at the moment but I am trying my best to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. If you find something that doesn't work, please let me know by sending an email to Thank you.

Learn Chess

This tutorial teaches the absolute beginner the basic rules of the game.

Chess Quotes

Quotes from the world's best chess players!

Play Chess on the Internet

Details of the best places to play chess online.

Chess Software

Details of all sorts of software to quench your chess thirst!

Chess Discussion Forum

A place you can share your views on all aspects of chess, ask that question that has been puzzling you and share your knowledge and wisdom with other chess players across the world.

World Chess Champions Gallery

Find out about the Chess Champions!

Games Collection

An interesting collection of games. You may also download games from here.

Chess Fun

Give yourself a break from all that chess study and have some fun!

Chess Corner Card Centre

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A Brief Survey of the Openings

Ever wondered what the Sicilian Scheveningen Variation or Reti Opening is? Find out here!

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