Fascinating Games

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A good player is always lucky. - Capablanca

Here are some games that I find brilliant for various reasons; perhaps because of the people playing it, or the circumstances in which the game was played, or due to a brilliant move or combination or even a gross blunder.

If you have a Java enabled browser, replay these games on a chessboard !

  1. The King March The Black King is forced to march down the board to his demise.
  2. Karpov's Retreat Karpov's pieces retreat home.
  3. Karpov vs The World Karpov plays against the World.
  4. Legal's Mate Did he really make a mistake?
  5. A Short Game One of the shortest recorded game!
  6. Paul Morphy vs Count Isouard and the Duke of Brunswick A night at the opera!
  7. Napoleon I vs General Bertrand A chess battle!
  8. Fischer vs Geller A lesson in neglecting development and King safety.
  9. Anderssen vs Kieseritzky The Immortal Game.
  10. Adams vs Torre An amateur wins?
  11. Napoleon I vs The Automaton Napoleon battles with the first chess playing machine.
  12. P. Morphy vs E. Morphy Paul Morphy plays blindfolded at the age of twelve.
  13. Alexander McDonnell - Louis Charles de Labourdonnai The power of pawns.
  14. Adolf Anderssen - Jean Dufresne The Evergreen Game.
  15. Wilhelm Steinitz - Curt Von Bardeleben Disappearing act.
  16. Robert Fischer - Boris Spassky An opening surprise.