Kasparov Vs Deep Blue


On 3rd May 1997 Garry Kasparov met IBM's Deep Blue chess computer for the second time. The year before he had beaten it. This year, it was a different story!

A PGN file of the 6 Kasparov vs Deep Blue games is available for you to download from this site.

Kasparov began this match with great optimism and won Game 1. However, after discovering that he could have drawn game 2 things seemed to go from bad to worse. He began to wonder if Deep Blue was being tampered with and eventually the machine seemed to totally psych him out. This is what he had to say in a message he sent to members of Club Kasparov:

This was a very tough match, which demanded a lot of my energy. It was also a very interesting match, that captured the imagination of millions of people all over the world. Unfortunately, they also got to see some errors on my part...

I admit that I was probably too optimistic at the start of the match. I followed the conventional wisdom when playing computers of playing 'ugly' openings [non-theoretical] to avoid early confrontation, to accumulate positional advantages and then I was confident that my calculation would stay at a high level once the confrontation occurred.

My whole preparation was a failure because Deep Blue played very differently from what I expected. My preparation was based on some wrong assumptions about its strategy; and when after game 2 it proved to be a disaster, I over-worked myself. I actually spent more energy on the games in this match than for any before in my life. Every game in this match took a lot out of me. There was enormous pressure because I had to keep my eye on every possibility, since I didn't want to miss any single shot.

This is also partly why I lost this match. When Game 6 finally came, I had lost my fighting spirit. I simply didn't have enough energy left to put up a fight. At the end of Game 5 I felt completely emptied, because I couldn't stand facing something I didn't understand. If I had been playing against a human whom I knew, then it would have been different. For example, I was one game down against Anand in the 1995 world championship, but I fought back. Here, I was fighting the unknown.

Despite the score of this match, I am firmly convinced that this thing is beatable. Having said that, I don't think there are that many players in the world who would be able to beat it. I think only four or five players in the world would stand a chance against Deep Blue You need outstanding chess qualities to play it - you simply can't make comparisons with other chess computers. Take my case: I have an enormous score in training against the best PC programs, but it didn't help me to prepare for Deep Blue. As a matter of fact, I think I made a mistake in doing that. In the future I have to prepare specifically for Deep Blue, and play normal chess, as well as normal openings.

Is there a future? Yes, I think so! I just challenged IBM for a rematch, to take place later this year, under slightly different conditions, such as 10 games, with one rest day between each game. Further, I want to receive ten practice game played by Deep Blue against a Grandmaster, as well as the nomination of an independent panel to supervise the match and Deep Blue, making sure there are no suspicions whatsoever. If this match takes place, and I hope it will, I am so confident I can win it, that I am even willing to play for a "winner takes all" prize. My score prediction? 6-4 in my favor! - Kasparov


The Kasparov vs Deep Blue Games

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