Grandmaster ICC Team match

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The Internet Chess Club hosted a match between Grandmasters from the United States and top French Grandmasters and International Masters on Saturday 26th September at 4.30 GMT. The match consisted of four boards, played at a time control of Game in 2 hours.

The French team, playing from the Rutebeuf Theater in Clichy, France, consisted of:

GM Manuel Apicella (2535 FIDE)
GM Olivier Renet   (2500 FIDE)
GM Igor Nataf      (2485 FIDE)
IM Eloi Relange    (2490 FIDE, 2 GM norms)

The ICC team of USA Grandmasters (all experienced ICC members) consisted of:

GM Ilya Gurevich  (2580 FIDE)
GM Michael Rohde  (2545 FIDE)
GM Gregory Serper (2535 FIDE)
GM Maxim Dlugy    (2525 FIDE)




  ICC France Result
1 Gurevich-GM (B) Renet-GM (W) 1-0
2 Rohde-GM (W) Apicella-GM (B) 1-0
3 Serper-GM (B) Nataf-GM (W) aborted
4 Dlugy-GM (W) Relange-IM (B) 1/2-1/2

The USA team won 2.5-0.5 with one game being aborted due to a power failure. 



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